Wear aware

A watch is so tiny that the amount of touchable elements is limited to only one or a few per screen. That is already quite a limitation, but we made this work in our favour. We took the opportunity to make this visually stunning, large clear symbols, bold colors. And to top it off, delightful animations to make it enjoyable to use.

Wear aware has two main use cases, Alerting you to leaving your phone behind, and helping you locate your phone when it is nearby. (Quite useful if your phone slid in behind a sofa cushion, without you knowing it.

It consists of two parts, the watch app and the phone app.

Whether it’s putting down your phone and walking away, leaving it in the car and heading into the house, or forgetting you put it down in public, nobody likes the feeling of not being able to find their phone. That’s where Wear Aware comes in, it’s here to make sure you never walk away from your phone — and it doesn’t walk away from you.

Androidcentral.com – Make sure your phone is never lost again with Wear Aware

The Wear Aware app for Android is one of the first apps designed specifically for Android smartwatches running on Google’s Android Wear platform.

idigitaltimes.com – Wear Aware App For Android Smartwatches Makes Sure Your Phone Is Always You

Wear Aware is one of the simpler apps on this list, but it’s also one of the most useful.

Gizmag.com – The best Android Wear apps

The watch app

Disconnect alert

A high level alert that the phone is out of reach.

Disconnect notification

A low / medium level alert that the phone is out of reach. Different users have different needs, some don’t care for too high level alerts.

App UI on watch

We introduced a small UI to allow the user to trigger the phone finding functionality, and to snooze alerts.

The phone app

Bare in mind that the phone app is basically not used except for setting the app up the first time.  That’s the reason why settings are so prominent, in most app designs this is not the case.

Alert settings

Phone finder alert

Tapping anywhere on the screen will dismiss it for quick and easy acces.

 Notification on phone

How they work together