Track your work time

Jiffy is a mobile app to help you keep track of your work time. A productivity tool, designed for streamlined time tracking, allowing you to spend a minimum amount of time, but at the same time generate an accurate time report. The application is designed according to the Android 4+ Holo theme, and the Android design patterns in general. It is featured in over 20 countries on Google Play and praised by blogs for beauty and simplicity. Jiffy was also awarded the industry award “Best of Swiss Apps”

“Jiffy does a great job of making it easy to plan out your days and weeks in a way that couldn’t be easier to keep track of.”

Businessinsider.com – The 12 Best-Looking Apps On Android

“The app’s UI couldn’t suit its purpose better: a simplified app to try and break down a complicated life.”

Gizmodo.com – Jiffy for Android: Always Know Exactly Where the Time Went

“Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it. This app tracks how long you spend on certain tasks and displays it in a clean, pie-chart stylee.”

T3.com – Best Android Apps 2013

Our approach

Keeping it simple by focusing on the users needs. Early on, we identified the three main tasks carried out around time tracking. The whole app is designed around these tasks, presented below with screenshots of Jiffy’s three main screens.


Every day time tracking


Verify and edit logged times


Summarize logged times

Helix – Custom Time Picker

When a user is setting a start or stop time of an entry, the time chosen is relative either to now, or other entries during the day. We visualize the entries in the dial of the time picker, so the user can see, and quickly jump to the end of a previous entry. Time is linear, therefore we designed a helix where times are simply moved along the timeline by swiping. It gives the best of two worlds, both a linear timeline, and also a circular dial which you can easily interact with.

History visualization

To give a clear overview of logged times, the editing and verification section has a graphical visualization. It is in the shape of a calendar, that most people are familiar with. It allows the users to see their logged times at a glance, as well as edit and add times forgotten.