For car repair cost estimates.

AudaMobile was designed to be used by people working as car insurance assessors and in body shops. Many these users are not the most tech savvy, which put a huge importance on creating an intuitive user interface. It allows even the least technical users to create accurate car damage estimations on the go, using off the shelf mobile technology.

Audatex wanted an application that makes use of the mobile technologies of today, is easy to use and have the features offered in the older applications, to allow a smooth transition for their existing users. The application aims to simplify the workflows and make the most common tasks really easy to complete


Designed both for iOS and Android tablets

When designing for different platforms, it is important to pay attention to the guidelines available. For Audamobile, we created two different user interfaces, so that both Android and iOS users would feel at home and recognize the interaction patterns used.

AudaMobile Android & iOS versions

Intuitive navigation through a 3000 part vehicle

We created a visualization of the zone structure, to allow the users to get a clear view of how the zones are laid out. To allow for easy navigation between zones, we used best practice navigation patterns that are appropriate to the platform. For example vertical and horizontal swipe to change zones, zoom and pan to navigate within zones and access small, otherwise unreachable zones. The result is an intuitive and easy to use structure that works on all levels.

Zone map

Overview of the zones in a  car

Zone view

Detail view of parts in a car zone

Emphasized indications for actions applied

To emphasize the actions made to the vehicle graphics of the app, strong colors are used and fill the whole part, so it is clear what has been marked and not. Colors were chosen taking the contextual application usage in to account. Normally, users are out doors, and often in direct sunlight working with the application next to the damaged cars.

Easy & Efficient selection of repairs

Contextual panel to access the parts and apply the most commonly used repair methods. Less commonly used operations are available, but hidden away to make the most common use cases clean and simple.